R-G: Susanoo Canicus Picture

General Information
- Susanoo Canicus
- Sue-Sah-No Can-ee-cuss
- Susano is the name of the Japanese God of Storms
- Canicus means Born of Fire
- Male
-At least he thinks so ukeukeuke
- 16 Years Old
- March 18th
- Pieces
- 5’9 (175 cm)
- 162 lbs (73 kg)
- Blue Hair
- Orange Eyes
- Japanese(Mother)/Swedish(Father)
- No Tattoos/Piercings/Scars (yet)
- AB+ Blood Type

- No Club; someone has to convince him to join.


|Partner Information|
- Name TBA
- Link TBA
- Relationship Summary TBA


Explosive Papers: Made with a certain type of paper that's run in his family for generations, Susanoo keeps literally thousands of them on his person at all times. These papers are made with copious amounts of gun powder and explosive materials in the fibers. When the papers are ripped or burned, they produce an explosion capable of knocking an average man off his feet with minor burns. The more papers in one place, the larger the explosion. He can stick them to surfaces or hold them in his hands. Always used together with the metal fishing line.
Metal Fishing Line: Malleable and thin with a blue sheen, but strong enough to support the weight put on it, Susanoo has integrated this common tool into his arsenal. He uses it mainly to set up traps to trip people and , when he's patient enough to. Susanoo connects the metal line to the paper so that he can rip the papers from a distance and set them off without hurting himself. Often, he sets them off too early and ends up hurting himself regardless. Always used together with explosive papers.

***they're always used together, making it one weapon


|Passionate|showing or caused by strong feelings or a strong belief.
Susanoo has very strong feelings on almost any topic. From homework and class to sex and romance, Susanoo is an all or nothing kind of guy. He's going to do it to the best of his ability, even if he cracks a few heads to get his way. When he finds something he likes, he's all about it, and sometimes gets a little obsessive until he's got the hang of it, or has had enough of something.

|Emotional|having feelings that are easily excited and openly displayed.
He's kind of an ass, but Susanoo has a lot of emotions within him he's unable to properly control,a nd often, they get out of hand and come out in the form of aggression. He often tears up with how angry he gets. He's easily wound up and hot headed, but he's also rather easily guilt ridden. He's quick to make emotional attachments, even if it doesn't outwardly seem like it. The poor boy doesn't know how to handle such strong feelings and they often comes out negatively.

|Intelligent|displaying or characterized by quickness of understanding, soundthought, or good judgment:
Despite being belligerent and projecting a bad boy type vibe, Susanoo is very intelligent and gets very high grades without studying the night before. He’s got a strategic type mind, and combining that with his speed, strength and dexterity should be a very dangerous combination, but his personality and lack of luck makes him a much smaller threat.

|Protective|having or showing a strong wish to keep someone or something safe from harm.
Susanoo doesn't let anyone touch his stuff. His food is his, and he'll stab you with a fork if you get your hands too close. However, this applies mostly to his friends and companions. He'll protect them with his life, and he'll die before he lets any of them get hurt by someone else. If someone approaches his friends, his defenses are immediately up, and he's up and between them and his friend if there's even an inkling of bad feeling.

|Brash|self-assertive in a rude, noisy, or overbearing way
Susanoo expresses himself in…overbearing ways. When his emotions run high (which is more often than not) he raises his voice, grabs people, and is excessive with his opinions. He’s the guy you hear from across campus when he’s irritated at someone and gets into a fight. He's often disliked because of this, but at least he's easy to find.

|Proud|having or showing a high or excessively high opinion of oneself or one's importance.
Susanoo is proud of what he can do, and strives to be the best at everything. He practices sword play with wooden swords until he has enough money to get his own metal blade, he's got high grades and is proud of the fact. he doesn't accept money, food, or any help easily, and he'll fail thousands of times before he relents. He doesn't tell others his emotions because he doesn't want his proud image to seem pathetic, and is extremely embarrassed when he's moved to tears.

|Competitive|Having a strong urge to compete, especially against the same sex
Susanoo is almost always the first guy to get into a fight of some sort. Physically, he's the first to throw down and jump someone and sock them in the face, but he also gets into more unconventional fights as well. Eating competitions, races, studying contests, the best grades, who can bake he best cookies, literally anything can be made into a competition. Usually, he doesn't bother competing with girls and focuses his efforts on other males, but it isn't above competing with a girl if they irritate him enough.

|Strong Willed|determined to do as one wants even if other people advise against it.
Susanoo doesn’t believe that he can’t do some things. He is unaware of his own physical and mental limitations and when his body fails, and he’s driving himself to the brink of insanity and death, his huge will power gets him through the day. It seems to be his only driving force sometimes, and people seem to know that outside of his loud nature, his will makes him. He’s going to do something, even if it’s the worst thing he can do. It’s impossible to change his mind after he’s got it set on something.

|Impatient|restlessly eager.
Waiting is not Susanoo’s strong point, which is why a lot of strategies he makes up tend to not work the way intended. He gets fidgety and irritable when he’s made to wait for something or someone, and when it arrives, he tends to snap at the one responsible for the wait. He absolutely hates waiting for things to dry, which is why he could never be successful in an art or cooking club. He rushes things more often than not, and ignores teachers and tutors to opt to get his work done and leave quicker.

|Impulsive|acting or done without forethought.
Some very hurtful things come out of Susanoo’s mouth before he can stop it, and when it comes to talking and fighting, he’s more a “Shoot first and ask questions later” type of boy. He doesn't realize how hurtful he can be until it’s too late and the damage is already done. This leads him to feel very guilty if he’s caused unnecessary emotional pain, though he has a hard time expressing his guilt and apologizing. When someone tells him he can’t do something, he impulsively does it just to prove them wrong, and is easily tricked into doing things.

Coming from a family with eleven other siblings that look remarkably similar to him was a huge stress on Susanoo's personal development. Being the oldest of them all, he was often left to babysit while his parents went out to work, and he learned many skills very early on. He was patient (perhaps not nice, but patient) with his siblings, since he believed that they should be raised with love and care along with discipline, but he developed his current personality early and projected his uncontrollable emotions towards his parents who were never there to tell him how to deal with the stress in a positive way. Every time a new baby came, his emotions would continue to pile up and he just never learned to release them properly. Unconsciously, he was trying to get his parents attention when it was always on his younger siblings, and he still does, since he calls his mother and father often to check on the little ones, and to bring them food when they need it (often at his own expense).

He began to accept that he wasn't the most important in his family when he hit his angsty pre-teen years and began to not share his feelings as much as he did. He wanted his siblings to see that he was someone they could rely on when their mother doesn't, and often, he gets letters from them where they pour out their feelings to him, and send him pictures he keeps in his wallet and picture frames around his small house.

He found the explosive papers when he was about ten, and fell in love with them. His grandmother's recipe for making them was written in a large book of mythology (where he found his name in the pages and learned who he was named after). He read up on how to make them, and ever since, he has been mass producing them whenever he gets the chance. He never told his parents that he makes them, but they don't seem to notice the book is gone.

Susanoo has one sister that he just does not get along with well, and they are the only ones who have a poor relationship. She's only a year younger than him, and she doesn't respect him at all, and he in turn doesn't recognize her as a legitment sibling though they are completely blood related.

He only recently moved away from home when it became too much for him and impacted his school life, and his parents try to support him the best they can.


- Speed
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