Minitap reference sheet 2010 Picture

Aaaand another ref, of my little gryphon Tap, alsocalled MiniTap, in both child and adult form. Adult form´s anatomy looks weird, I think I´ll re do it when I finish the rest of ref sheets I have to do (Atha and Syth). Well here´s the old ref [link]

Weell, I haven´t changed anything on Tap except he now has two layers of white feathers instead of three. I don´t know what to do, if keep it with 2 or return to three, I´ll think about it and draw some pics so I´ll see with what design i´m more comfortable.

Well let´s put the walltext with information about this lovely character:

Name: Tap. Also MiniTap.
Name origins: I created Tap in English class. Teacher said tap means "grifo" in spanish, and grifo is also the word used for mythological griffins. So I drew a little random chibi gryphon on my english notebook,and tadaa!! Minitap born. After that I get an obsession for drawing griffins everywhere and finally Tap became an official character x).
Species: Gryphon.

Skin colour: Brown, white and black feathers. Ocre short fur on backwards, and red lion tail.
Eyes: Golden.
Height: 0,6m (head)
Habilities (adult only):
-Wind powers, he can make wing cutters with his wings.

Personanlity: He´s a crying baby, and very dependant to others. As the child he´s, he likes to play and laugh. But also, he´s capricious, disobedient and arrogant, he´s a pain in the ass for his pack beacuse of his behavior. While living with Syth he learn to respect and to be auto dependant. When he grow up he´s calmed and respectful

More: Tap is the only son of Arock, the leader of the gryphon family of a place called Double Canyon. Beacuse Tap is the only descendant of the griffin pack, he´s over protected, so he don´t really try to learn to survive, reason of why he don´t fly very well,and have not experience for hunt or survive, nor want to learn. Also, for that over protection he developes his egotistic capricious attitude, always requiring things to other griffins and without showing any respect for them.

And that´s all, hope you like!!
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