Celine and Artemis Picture

Celine and Artemis, both are parents of Diana. Yes, I named them all variations of the moon goddess in mythology. :3

(This is a huge rant but I wrote it mainly for people who asked me questions and my boyfriend who knows not very much about these two.)

Celine is obviously of the soon to be extinct Garo race. She's the daughter of the village shaman. You see, every other generation in her family there's a child born that can communicate with the dead and in general are sensitive to the paranormal. She was between generations so she doesn't have any of those abilities. She instead had been a Ikana spy. Not the best of things since she'd rather marry and settle down outside of the Garo clans. As you can see, she's super sweet and caring. Not Garo making really.

Artemis is a travelling scholar. He has a home off elsewhere but he spend most of his time travelling and documenting artificats, chasing urban legends and learning about the world and environments. He comes from a wealthy family that quite frankly, gave him the boot cause he doesn't wanna laze around and become corrupted by greed like his parents are. He knows little to nothing about fighting. Usually when he gets into trouble, there's someone around to save him. Lately it's been Celine.

So Artemis finds the Garo fascinating and wants to learn as much as possible about their heritage and their economic status since they're so repressed by jealousy and hatred of their ruler. Most importantly, Stone Tower, which was stirring up trouble for the Garo's in the first place. Of course some things happen and he and Celine end up running off together as Ikana begins to tear itself down.

They settle in a small village with four other escaped civilians willing to carry on their Garo tribe but in a peaceful manner, somewhere in Hyrule. (Yeah, i linked Termina to Hyrule in my fannon...I leave out the counterparts.. >_>)

There they're married and have Diana. The within a matter of years, a curse left upon them by her father begins to tear away at Artemis' health and he passes on from ann unbearable illness that gets passed on to every generation. Celine, out of mourning, takes her own life, leaving their daughter to be taken in by their new village elder who is the grandfather of the boy Diana has been promised to marry.

That is not Tangora and Ion's dad and is a jackass. Of course, Diana ends up with Seraph, as I'm sure people who follow my storylines know.
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