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This is a my second try at making a therian meme, and I hope the last. I had to redo it because only now I understood what my Therian form really is. The secret is listening to your heart and studying your habits. Original here: [link]. Bellow I will explain my answers.

1. White wolves, also known as arctic wolves, are a mutation of the grey wolf who dwell in the cold regions of europe and asia. Even though I have dark hair, I always imagined my inner wolf as an arctic one, due to my huge love for Norse mythology, and since I have German ancestry...

2. Trust me, it's not only "oh, wolves are so cool, that's it, I will take them as my totem!". E.V.E.R.Y.T.I.M.E I hear anything related to wolves or see anything related to them something rings a bell in my mind.

3. I may have, but I can't recall.

4. Concerning my beastly rage, the first time I recall feeling it was a long time ago. My uncle, aunt and cousins (the one who lived in a farmstead) came by in a weekend when we had spagetti for lunch, and while my mother and aunt prepared it, I was playing Streets of Rage with my younger cousin (he used Axel and I used Skate), and then we stoped in the last stage to eat. My cousins finish eating before I did, and when I did it, I went to finish the game with my younger cousin, and as soon as I entered my bedroom, I saw my older cousin playing with in my place with his brother. If only we had finished the play to eat and he began a new one, but he was replacing me from where we stopped. For my childlike mind, it was an outrage. I never got as angry and upset as I did that day, screaming with my older cousin, even going so far as to cause him to cry (he was five years younger than me). I felt so ashamed I wanted to bury my head in the ground like an ostrich. Worst of all, he had come with a new joystick to replace my broken one.

5. These days is more on the food case.

6. .........

7. Self-explanatory

8. Example: *WinterWolf10
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