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This is my OC for my current digimon tamers AU fanfic (which I have yet to name).

She is a human from the dead parallel world of Shadearth who mysteriously ended up on Aur-earth (the name for the "Real World" or literally "our earth" that I use in my fic) after the death of her world. She ends up in the custody of TAME (Tamers Association for digiMon Emergencies) after being dropped by a mega leveled digimon named Medeivallenemon during a battle between her, Lilithmon, and MedeivalMystmon. She soon becomes a tamer not long after escaping from Rika and automatically gets drafted into the organization after being given two options: stay or put her lovable child-like partner, Kuga the Kugamon, to death by Reapermon.

Fic Info: (This is irrelevant to how I actually drew the picture...)
The fic pretty much stars her, Kuga, Rika, and Ririth (Kuga's mother). It is Limited Omniscience, so I should technically only be using one or two characters, but I got a complaint from a critic the last time I did that (which was partly my fault because I was using the style in an incorrect and slightly misleading context). Thus, we have four main characters who stand as the viewpoint characters to the events, other characters and the world in which the story takes place. Janadou struggles with fear from her past; Kuga struggles with growing stronger; Rika struggles with a past mistake which is the cause of the first story's trouble (along with parts of Janadou's past), and Ririth basically gives insight to what goes on upon Dejearth (the digital world) that is relevant to the world and story.
:End Fic Info

On Aur-earth her world is commonly known as a part of mythology along with the race of psychic Shadearthan people.

Humans of Shadearth are a type of psychic race who have followed the art of "mind over matter" since the world's prehistory days. Thus, their powers are naturally incorporated into their bodies via evolution. They use this now subconscious ability in everything that they do from everyday actions to battle. There are two types of humans: regular and warrior. Regulars tend to be weaker than warriors, of course, when it comes to battle. Janadou is a remnant of the war race Nin, which specializes in hunting/stealth tactics by body build and nature.

She is not only a warrior but a descendant of the Betrayers, which consists of seven clans whose anscestors stole the control over a certain element from the Seven Elemental Deities. Betrayers were not very popular after the war that destroyed most of the clans. Janadou had a hard time making friends during her childhood, but I won't spoil too much.

This image was drawn by hand and colored with Copic Markers.
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