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God I love Tetrix already LOL
He's an adult Russian Bonedog, and he's hawt as heeeeeeeeell
He's known as "Devil's Triangle" Because of his ability which I will explain in a moment.

Tetrix is a male Bonedog, a species of ghoul that originates in hell. People think of hell as a place where little devil dudes whip you forever, but that's not true. Hell is like a normal ecosystem on Earth and other planets with life, but the punishment going there is having to evade the beasts that need to hunt for food.

Yeah enough of that,
Tetrix is male, and he's an above average size and intelligence, not to mention is Dawn's companion. Bonedogs are born with three special abilities that they can use, two lesser abilities (1 & 2) and one major ability (3) . Tetrix's abilities are:

1 - .:Arcane Armour:.
This causes Tetrix to get covered in a thick layer of arcane energy, it seems invisible to an untrained eye but looking closely he will glow a very faint icy blue. It protects him from most physical attacks, lessens the force behind magic attacks and makes him immune to energy/spiritual attacks. It lasts for twenty minutes before it wears him out, as he must use a lot of energy for this ability.

2 - .:Claws of Tartarus:.
When Tetrix uses this, all the sharp parts of his body, that could be used as weapons become as cold as space, longer, sharper, and more durable. He can keep this ability up for five days straight, it raises his defenses and keeps him lethal to touch. Though, Magic and spirit/energy attacks against him can still give him wounds if hit in the right spots.

3 - .:The Devil's Triangle:.
This is his strongest ability, what he gets his nickname from. The Devil's Triangle. Tetrix will make a triangle with his two front feet, and stick his tail high over his head like a scorpions tail. He will screech loud enough to cause human ears to bleed, and his fur will become much, darker and deeper blues. He is basically untouchable like this. He becomes faster, stronger, more agile, gains more stamina, but less controlling over himself and it can often cause damage inside him. When he attacks anything, human or demon or whatever, it leave a giant triangular scar on their body somewhere, forever showing that they were almost killed by him. It only lasts him 15 minutes, afterwards he goes unconscious for days, the amount of days are random, but is usually between two to twelve depending on how hard he fought. It is his last resort when he is about to die.

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