Step Aside, This is a Job for a Journalist Picture

EDIT: Now brought to you in technicolour!

Mild redesign of an old charrie. Jonathan Dunwell, newspaper column writer to the gods! I was stumped on him for ages until I figured out he needs to look as bombastic as his personality! (and also bombastic is totally the best word that I need to use more often XD)
So its time for more 'trying not to use the same body build forever'!! Ballerina noodle legs!!
Seriously I swear he can now never do anything without looking ridiculous XD
See the lamecrapboringlameboringcrap old version here: [link]

Brief summary: a lightning bolt that turned into a spirit and then precociously got hooked on imitating humans. Now he superspeedyruns around writing DA NEWS, being SUPER DETECTIVE, nomming JUNKFOODS and OCD-ing all over the place. ~QUICK, MUST COUNT PETALS ON THAT PLANT THATS TOTALLY NEWS~
Aside from being lightningy, journalismy and speedtacular his ADD-OCD-whateverhisproblemis brain leads him to wanna become a spirit of everything else too. His super-special-awesome unique ability is to absorb any attack and fire it back at someone, but then he got ahold of a magic USB-crystal pendant that lets him store up multiple attacks at once and even combine em. (Oh and download em onto a computer and email em to friends..) The only disadvantage is that if it's overloaded it'll turn off and delete everything stored in it, which is INCONVEINIENT in the middle of a daring adventure!
Oh and his journalist soul lets him control typography as an element. He can bring characters on a page to life and make them follow his every command! Also for some reason when he dictates to his notebook it writes stuff down for him. Yet he still carries pencils just to fight with. IT MAKES NO SENSE BUT IS COOL, SHUT UP
His favourite letter is W. ~wubbleyoooo~ So sometimes he just chills out with a bunch of W buddies.
M looks like W upside down so he also likes McDonalds. And also McDonars which is the ripoff version up in spirit land that sells fries made of lightning bolts.
Ronar McDonar is best mascot.

Will do more with this guy if everyone likes 'im~

Also sorry pic is fail with wavery lines, had a blood test yesterday on my drawing arm and couldn't be bothered waiting til the bruise goes down
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