Nine billow maidens. Picture

Nine daughters of Aegir and ran. mothers of heimdall.

In my version they are twins and identical except for their hair. Which they have the power to shape shift and they often switch their hairs round to confuse poor Aegir. they are all very close to their mother who taught them magic and takes them out to drown fishermen with her. As she taught them magic ran can tell them apart from the sense of their magic even when they have shifted thei hair. But because Aegir can;t tell them apart they have no respect for him. he constantly tries to get to know them as individual but they will shift hairs to confuse him for their own amusment and any time he starts to think he;s finally getting to know one he'll find out that he has spent the last few days thinking he;s talking to one when actually they;ve swapped places a bunch of times.
Ran wanted a better way to find fishermen so the twins decidedc to combine their magics to make a child. A child with super hearing so he could hear the sounds of the fisherman from any distance and super sight that could see as well through the gloom of the water as he could with light.
So they each pluched one of their hairs and cast a spell over the hair to form a child. And the child had rainbow hair from a combination of 7 of the sister's hair, golden teeth from Kolga's gold strand and grey eyes from Dufa's strand. heimdall. they then raised him to do exactly as he was told unquestioningly. they treated him not as a child but as a tool and he was never allowed to complain. like his father he never knew which of his mothers he was talking to and so was unable to form a bond with any of them. He never liked helping them drown the fishermen and so when Odin heard of his powers and offered him a hall in asgard he swore eternal loyalty to him and left home never seeing his mothers again.

If poor Aegir had known how they treated Heimdall he would have looked after him but all he knew was that the child was always away travelling with his mothers and it never occured to him that they weren;t looking after him properly.

If he had been a girl they would have spoiled him and still treated him as an object but they would have been nicer about it. but the Billow maidens have no respect for any man.

Oh and because heimdall was made of magic he is immune to all magic and his eye sight can see all magic so shapeshifting can;t fool him. (much to loki's annoyance) Because his shape was made of magic he is a very good shapshifter, almost as good as loki. ^^
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