Meteor Picture

These events take place in the Earth Psi reality.

Long ago when the Earth was still young, an advanced race of aliens called the Giengli became fascinated with the tiny blue planet. Or to be more specific, they were fascinated by the creatures that we Earthlings call “magical.” You see, every creature that has been touched with magic, no matter how infinitesimal, exudes a type of aura. The Giengli, a race devoted wholly to science, used their advanced technology to do the absolute unimaginable. Using temporal technology, they took a copy of the Earth in one moment of time, took the planet to a purple sun, a cosmic body whose UV radiation closely matches the aura exuded by the creatures, and used cloning technology to ensure the survival of at least the majority of the strange creatures. Furthermore, the Giengli began a cleansing campaign of killing the humans, till none remained on Earth. For the next several billion years, the Giengli watched as the aura around the beasts of myth and magic, helped jumpstart the evolutionary process, helping merging the processes of magic and science. Out of this planet came many strange and fascinating creatures, with all manners of powers and skills. Among these animals, gnomes of Euopean mythology eventually evolved into the Zumeisu, great miners and merchants of their world. At least, they were until the Sostul came. Comaca and all of his species were enslaved to be worked with little to no water or nourishment. Finally fed up with his people’s harsh treatment, he joined Kel’s group and now works for Nightside, wishing to free his people.

Comaca is the serious sort. He is not very social but consider his teammates friends. He has a fondness for the tales and stories of his childhood. Comaca is very good at controlling himself, rarely ever losing his temper. When he does lose it however, even experienced fighters and beserkers are frightened of him. Comaca’s race isnt known for its fighting prowess or physical abilities, as such, he has a slight inferiority complex about his fighting abilities.

Comaca’s race, the Zumeisu, are the descendants of gnomes of European mythology.

  • Zumeisu Physiology: Being a member of the Zumeisu race, he has access to several abilities including:

    • Superhuman Strength: He can lift/press up to 25 tons.

    • Superhuman Durability: He is able to withstand attacks for minerals with minimal effect, including metals.

    • Terrakinesis: He is able to control the earth around him, so long as it contains silicone, to create multiple effects including:

      • Stone Weapon Generation

      • Earthquake Creation

      • Stone Armor Generation

      • Stone Construct Generation

  • Koriwemac suit: The suit made from a combination of the Zumeisu and the Sostul technologies. The helmet allows nitrogen, which is essential for Zumeisu survival to be regulated even when in space. It can also analyze data and allows telescopic vision. This is powered by a powerful crystal in the center of his breastplate.

  • Weaknesses:

    • His body is very heavy, making him very vulnerable to gravity based attacks.

    • His body is weak against energy-based attacks.

A meteor is a cosmic body made of space debris, normally rock and metal.

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