Bourbon Ref Sheet Picture

This is Bourbon- he is a very strange, shirtless cookie. He wears a small lantern as an earring and dons a blue elephant necklace that Estelle had given him.



Sex: Male
Orientation: Hetero

Height: 6'3
Weight: 197 lbs
Age: 24
Eye Color: Deep purple
Hair Color: black with purple tipped bangs

Likes: ghosts, paranormal, solitude, quiet, purple lanterns, angelology, mythology
Dislikes: loud noises, pests, snakes, surprises, oriental food, garlic, trolls/trolling, immaturity

Big fan of the paranormal, spiritual gifts, and angelology. He loves learning about different mythologies and lore, for they make the imagination sore (and great stories to tell in general). Ghosts (especially pokemon) intrigue him. Otherwise he is rather quiet unless prompted into a conversation he likes. He comes off at intimidating a lot because of his height and quiet demeanor. Doesn't smile a lot, not because he is upset, but just looks bored.

Pogey Team:
=Wendell - Drifloon [ male ]
=Ciro - Espeon [ male ]
=Mashaka - Gengar [ male ]
=Lorcan - Gliscor [ male ]
=Tsila - Haunter [ female ]
=Zalika - Mawile [ female ]


El Backstory

I started my Pokemon journey when I 9 years old. My folks let me take the family Espeon with me, and I had a a Ghastly (Mashaka) and Gligar (Lorcan). It didn't take me very long to realize how much training intensive it is to go against the gym leaders. I tended to enjoy being alone and girls that followed me around bothered me. I had no time or want for relationships; I was busy training pokemon.

While I was training to take on the 8th gym leader, I happened upon Estelle. She was a shy little kid and looked really lonely, so I didn't snap at her when she started following me around (even though those bells made me want to punch a baby). You grow very attached to her rather quickly when you realize how full of life she is and how positive she is.

We traveled together for roughly a year while I trained for the elite four. I then realized that it would be hazardous for Estelle to travel with me through Victory Road seeing as how dangerous it is. That is when I started looking for a place that Estelle could stay, with nice people so she wouldn't be terribly upset when I left to conquer the four.

This is when we came across the ranch. Kerri and Dusty were very welcoming (I was breath-taken by Dusty's appearance) but her brother Scott didn't really say much in the way of greetings. Sort of grunted over some paperwork and a computer. Needless to say, this is where we reside now. With 8 other goofy housemates.

Pokemon franchise belongs to Nintendo
My goofy ass OCs belong to me, WildKerriappears
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