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Figured I'd make a new Trainer Card ID with a new and improved Team.

"Cucuyo" is the code-name given to a recent recruit of the International Police. Though born on Earth, her accomplishments on Terra Nova (my name for the Pokemon world), have garnered the attention of the global law enforcement organization. These accomplishments include defeating the Gyms of several Regions (the latest one was Unova), challenging and placing in the Pokemon League, and thwarting the planet-threatening schemes of at least one criminal organization. One would think this kind of notoriety would be detrimental to an organization that relies largely on undercover operatives.
Instead, Cucuyo poses as a regular Trainer traveling the world for no particular reason.

Cucuyo is a hard worker and fully dedicated to her team of Pokemon, gathered from all over Terra Nova. They are listed as they appear on the card, not in order of capture.

-Chandelure "Sauhin": Caught as a Litwick shortly after Cucuyo's family arrived on Terra Nova to start their new lives there. Named after the Celtic festival "Samhain" (pronounced SAW-win) that inspired modern Halloween. He was caught in a Premier Ball.
-Magnezone "Thunderball": Caught as a Magnemite shortly after Cucuyo's family moved to Cerulean City in Kanto (her father, an electrical engineer, was hired to help fix up the nearby power plant). Evolved into Magnezone while Cucuyo was exploring Sinnoh's Mt. Coronet. Named for one of her dad's favorite movies. "He" was caught in a Great Ball.
-Heracross "Dynastes": Caught during her journey in the Johto region. Named for the genus to which rhinoceros beetles, which Heracross strongly resembles, belong. She was caught in a Net Ball.
-Gyarados "Charybdis": Purchased as a Magikarp from a salesman in Kanto. At the time, Cucuyo did not know about the worst-kept secret in Pokemon Training, and thought she had been scammed. Gym Leader Misty helped her raise the Magikarp into a Gyarados. Named after the legendary whirlpool monster in Greek mythology. Her Poke Ball was cheaply covered in fake gold leaf, but has since regained its original red and white coloration.
-Golurk "Talos": Caught during her real journey through Unova. "He" is named for the giant flying bronze man of Greek mythology-the original giant robot. He was caught in a Dusk Ball.
-Lunatone "Eclipse": Because of their rarity, Cucuyo did not learn about the so-called "shiny" Pokemon until she showed off her blue-eyed Lunatone in a battle. When she encountered Eclipse in Hoenn's Meteor Falls, Cucuyo figured the Pokemon just had different colored eyes, the way people have different colored eyes. Aside from "her" unique eye-color, she's a very ordinary, quiet, Lunatone. She was caught in a Luxury Ball.

At the Interpol HQ, Cucuyo's team is affectionately called "Team Blue," as each and every one of her Pokemon has some shade or tint of blue on them. Cucuyo's favorite color is blue, so this suits her just fine.

She just wishes the Trainer Card itself was blue.

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