Yume Shizuka Picture

Name: Yume Shizuka

Name Meaning: Dream Silent

Age: 19

Birthday: December 6th 1989 (12-6-89)

Ability: She can control shadows, often confused with darkness though. She bends the shadows to her will, often using them more for defense then offense. The shadow is like puddy in her hands. She is often called the Shadow Shifter.

Weapons: Her shadow

Hobbies: Reading, writing, drawing, studying, and relaxing by herself.

Likes: Books, Greek Mythology, Legends, Being alone, Quiet, Mangas, and Super Natural.

Dislikes: Loud, Fights, Being locked up, Big crowds, Immature people, Jerks, and Being disturbed.

Fears: Cages, Chains, Dark places, Torture, Death, Being locked up, Killing someone.

Hopes: To be free, To become an author/artist, To get married and have kids someday.

Personality: She doesn't talk AT ALL!! unless its absolutly neccessary, she isn't very emotional at all, Very serious, Doesn't trust anyone (If you gain her trust, consider yourself a very VERY lucky person), Often very cold to everyone, Tends to be more of a leader then a follower, Slightly paranoid, and very secretive.

History: Yume was a normal child until she was seven years old, when her powers began to show. She had a very difficult time controlling them and soon, she was wanted for countless murders. She hadn't killed her family, but she wasn't living with them either. Yume was captured at age 9 and then locked up in a science facuility to be studied. She was chained to a wall and most of the time, there was so much light, not a single shadow could be made. When there was a shadow, Yume would practice perfecting her gift. As she grew, the test grew much more painful and bloodier, but Yume dared not to complain. After years, at age 15, she managed to escape the building without killing a single person. She lived life on the run for four years, until she was captured again, four years later, present day. Yume was offered a spot of the Alien Investigation Force in place of the facuilty, as long as she didn't run away, again. She agreed, and now she tends to take a lot of mental notes of the things around her for ideas for books she hopes to write.


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