Soulful Revelations #42 Picture

The image and description that many people hold in their mind and pass along of what Heaven is like seems a most humdrum existence to me. A cushy kingdom in the clouds where nothing ever goes wrong and everything is splendid and wonderful would be a most unappealing sort of afterlife for me, and between the two mythological dominions I think I'd prefer Hell, at least I wouldn't be bored out of my quickly.

Frankly, both concepts of Heaven and Hell are so drab and poorly thought out until you'd think a two year-old dreamed them up. Both mythical afterlife concepts have major glaring flaws with regards to the infinite duration of their respective rewards and punishments. The major flaw with Heaven is that a place of all reward and no strife would grow incredibly stale incredibly fast. It really comes down to that old proverb about "too much of a good thing". If everyday was a sunny day then what's a sunny day? If everyday was your birthday then what's a birthday? Heaven sounds like a paradise only for the fat, lazy worthless do-nothings of the world who are content to sit around all day long and never seek to accomplish or amount to anything. Heaven would be a paradise for only those who are afraid of conflict and avoid challenges every opportunity they get. In summation, Heaven is no heaven at all, for people like me; who crave adventure and excitement, but I think this song from the 1996 animated sequel to "All Dogs Go To Heaven" states my point perfectly...…

As for Hell, though it might at first seem like a terrible and frightening place, whoever first envisioned this fairytale realm did not take into account the adaptability of the human psyche. After a long enough period of time a person can grow accustom to even the most excruciating forms of torture, so Hell would most likely only be horrible and painful the first 4 to 5 years at longest. After that it would just be horribly and painfully boring...and of course I'm not even talking about those masochistic people who get their kicks off being hurt, abused, and tortured. Many people's perception of Hell would be a playground for them until it eventually grew stale and dull, and so taking these things into account I say "fuck both Heaven and Hell." God and the Devil can keep their pitiful kingdoms. When I die I shall take the multiverse and travel across time and space on a neverending odyssey of adventure and discovery. Besides, religion is for those who are afraid to go to Hell, spirituality is for those who have already been there.
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