Riku Kizuno Profile Picture

Name: Riku Kizuno
Age: 17
DOB: Sept 13
Symbol: Diamond ( ♦ )
Color: Dark Blue
Height: 5'8
Weight: 135
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Astro sign: Virgo
Love interest: Satoru Mori
Words that describe Riku: Mature, kind, independant, assertive

Likes: writing, reading (particularly romance novels, vampire stories, and greek mythology), giving advice, learning new things, rain, thunder, lightning, looking after kira, stars(and naming constellations) running, snow

Dislikes: Anything girly (skirts, dresses, make-up), anyone messing with Kira, parties or anything that has dancing involved, loud music (unless it's her own), big crowds, shopping

Fave color: Blue, Black, Silver, dark and calm colors
Fave food: Noodles
Fave music: Jrock, metal, calm music
Fave animal: Cats
Fave place: Home
Fave season: Winter

Least fave food: Sweets
Least fave music: hip-hop or rap
Least fave animal: Anything vicious looking
Least fave place: Dance clubs or mall

Fears: Death, losing Kira
Strengths: Writing, giving advice
Weaknesses: skirts, death

Summary: Riku is a calm and very beautiful 17 year old high school girl who is Kira's older sister. Although she's older by one year, she acts older than she really is and is very mature. Ever since their parents had died, Riku has been taking care of Kira (mostly) by herself. Riku loves to write and read; she's usually seen carrying a book or notebook around. She's constantly thinking of new ideas, and always sitting her room types them up on her computer. Her dream is to be an author. She dislikes anything girly, such as dresses, skirts and make-up. Ironically though, she's looks the best in them. Don't let her calm and kind personality fool you, Riku is very brave and very assertive at times, and doesn't let others push her around.

Wow, sorry for that crappy summary. XD That's all I can think of, sorry!!!
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