Sarah Anne Howlett Picture

This is "good Sarah", my OC and Wolverine's daughter before she snapped and started killing the seven guys who abused her. If it looks like she got beat up in the picture, it's because she did. (Might this have something to do with the Pokemon in the shot who look suspiciously like Yu-Gi-Oh! characters? Hmmm. . . )

In my fanfiction, Sarah's your basic, mild-mannered teenage girl. Despite, you know, being a mutant and having a psychopathic supervillain for an uncle. You don't meet this aspect of her until later in the story, when you start learning more about why she went crazy and started killing people, not to mention how she met Yugi and Atem from Yu-Gi-Oh!

This side of Sarah is very quiet and kind of shy. Most people think she's autistic when they first meet her, because she has a hard time being near people, especially when she doesn't know them. She doesn't like being touched and she can't sit in between two people without having panic attacks from their bodies being so close to her. She avoids places such as crowded pools for this reason. She hopes that one day her father will come back, despite Sabretooth telling her when she was five that he had killed him. She daydreams a lot and isn't totally connected to reality. Atem often has to stop her from wandering into the street, thinking about something else, such as dragons and Egyptian mythology. It does not help when Yugi tells her about their adventures in the Memory World (the beginning of my story takes place three years after season five; Atem's presence is explained around when you first see "good Sarah"). Sarah would, after hearing these stories, begin to feel like she's really there, fighting the Thief King with them, and accidentally punch someone in the face. (I don't know if I'll actually put her doing that in the story, but it is something she would probably do.)

Her switch from good, innocent, naive little fifteen year old girl to crazy, murderous vampire is revealed farther in the story than I've actually gotten.

X-Men belong to Marvel, Yu-Gi-Oh! belongs to Kazuki Takahashi. Sarah Anne Howlett/She-Wolf belongs to me.
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