Scifitastic Picture

This sucks and should be in scraps but people don't really look at my scraps so screw that.

I have this wild plot for this SCIFI ADVENTURE!

Before I begin summarizing it, I will list my inspirations: Dead Man, Trigun, Castle in the Sky, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Egyptian Mythology.

Heeere we go. So far this is just an idea for a plot. I kind of need help filling in the holes.

It takes place in the future. Either these animal anthros here will be evolved species of animals or aliens(leaning towards aliens, it just sucks cause everything is going to be anthrotastic)

Humans have moved from Earth(like in every cool sci fi) and gone to a different planet. They came to a truce with other species to coexist on the planet.

Different biomes will probably be how I seperate different civilizations on the planet. Each civilization will be based on a different decade in the 20th century.

The plot is very iffy thus far. Thoth and Layla will definetely be the main characters. I know Thoth is going to run into some trouble and get a bounty on his head. In addition to that he's going to have something that Layla wants, and in my mind that something is permitely attached to him on accident and slowly killing him. It'll be a key to something important. The importance of it will probably be why he's a wanted man. Layla wants that something as well but due to her morals won't kill him for it and will instead help him have a peaceful death and when that comes she'll take the thing she wants. Thoth will definetely die.
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