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HIS NAEM IS RAIDEN. I don't care about explaining his story now. BUT HERE'S SOME RANDOM INFO.

Full Name: Inouye, Raiden.
Other/Informal Titles: -- Coming soon --
D.O.B/D.O.D (Mortal): 167 B.C. -150 B.C.
D.O.B/D.O.D (Current): -- Coming Soon --
Chronological Appearance: Late twenties.
Gender: Male.
Species: Tengu.
Place of Birth: Kyushu, Japan.
Nationality: European / Asian.
Marital Status: Bachelor.
Religious Outlook: Closest would be Buddhism.
Orientation: Straight.
Known Afflictions: -- Coming soon --
Personality: Mischievous, Spiteful, Cynical. However he's also, Gentle, thoughtful, and holds a lot of compassion towards innocent and fragile beings. He's a pacifist, but he's not exactly honourable in it or most of his endeavors. He loves to taunt, and he adores flirting. Due to the nature of what he is, his greatest passion in life is terrorizing humans. He finds the scream of a female to be specifically rousing. Honestly, though, he revels in any sort of successful instance where he traumatizes his victim, and will ooze complacency once complete. Reminding him he was once human would set him into a fit of rage, where he'd denounce his previous mortality right then and there.
Likes: -- Coming soon --
Dislikes: -- Coming soon --
Occupation: Terrorizing mortals; occasionally helping them. Sometimes walking amongst them to remember what it was like.

Information: -- Coming soon --

You may fondle him. I don't care. I plan on finishing this SOME day. .. Maybe. Probably not.

Raiden © Me.


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