Inspiration Meme Picture

The Map of what inspires me to do what I do!!

My GrandMother: She is one of the two greatest artists I ever know, she's painted masterpiece after master piece and has never shown a sign of stopping. watching her paint when i was growing up helped me to find art is truly beautiful.

My Mother: The other Greatest artist I know. The women who raised me from birth and told me to do whatever I wanted to do with my life, wether I wanted to grow up and be a lesbein trucker, or the graphic artist i'm training to be. She didn't are either way and never looked away from me. She spends her free time painting, and cooking so either way she's an artist all the time. i've seen her through her worst and best and her past inspired me to become a graphic artist.

Humon: Yes Humon the creator of comics such as Neils and Scandinavia and the world. Her art styles vary but she is always good at what she does, she found the perfect ways to incorpurate mythology into her work and for that she is truly the greatest deviantartist i've seen while many other could tie for this place she has shined brighter in my eyes for her character creations and story telling.

My Great Great Great grandfather: George Deforest Brush, The most sucessful artist for while my grandmother has been able to sell her work he got his used in mueseums and even history books. while his style is similar to my other families his is mostly focused in history which makes me proud, cuase I know where I got the love for history no matter what!

Japanese and greek Mythology: Just the culture and stories excite me to no end so they both tie as great inspiration when i'm down.

Graffiti: The underworld style of the glode, using any surface and any means to color our dulling world. while most see it as eyes sores i look at in even my darkest mood and it will bring me back to my good soul way.

Music: As with any good artist music is the rythme and beat behind.... anything really, if it's not on i'm not drawing. it doesn't matter if it's country or hip hop as longs as theres a beat i'll be drawing.

Last but not least My friends: In real and over the internet My friends are always there to comfort me when i'm down, help me kick ass when i'm angry, and offer me help when i'm lost. So to everyone one of them I say Thank you! You have all made me who I am Today and I hope i can improve more with you all every step of the way. Yes that means you to, Four, and Imp!!
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