Inside My Mind Picture

Expanding on the background that I used in my pic "Gonna Die" where I said that it took place inside my own mind. So yeah, if I were a character and my mind were a world in Psychonauts this is how it would look.

The name would be in Latin (which is such a fun language), and it would be 'Fabulae Terrarum', which translates either to 'Myth World' or 'Nonsense World'. Here's the description I wrote while trying to decide exactly how it should appear:

"A barren and rather large mental world. The sky is a dusty purple with a large white moon that is constantly out, but no stars. It is a wide area of sparkly brown-grey sand dotted with ruins of several castles and other structures of various origins. Around the desert area lurk a few Nightmares, several humanoid-Censors (all of whom wear vests instead of suit-jackets), and a menagerie of mythical creature-Censors. Memory Vaults are contained in four ruined castles, one in a European-looking fortress (the small squat building in the distance on the right), one in an Aztec-looking pyramid, one in a Cinderella's Castle look-a-like (the other one there), and the final one in a cathedral/ancient temple-looking building.

The largest building in the world is a tall stone tower guarded by an A Bao a Qu ([link]) Censor. Inside of the tower is a spiral staircase that leads to the top, where there is a huge room. The room has a large circle in the center with markings that radiate outwards that glow in the aqua and lime green of my psychic energy. When someone steps on the circle of the room they are transported to a vast library that contains thousands of books. Several sphynx and griffins act as librarians and organizers. The book topics range from knowledge I have gained from school, to knowledge from my own studies, to good fanfics or books I've read, to books of art (fan and official) that I've seen or of art that I've been inspired to create but never have, to day-by-day diaries of my life, to books of various theories that I've come up with for various things. It has whole sections on mythology, animal behavior/biology, psychology and abnormal psychology, art, and music."
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