Banshee Temples Flag Picture

This flag is the universal symbol of the various Banshee Temples. The Banshee are a human-like race distinguished by their incredible psychic and sorcerous abilities as well as their close connection to the very weave of the currents of mana. Though the temples are semi-independent from one another, they quickly unite into an army with ancient potent technologies and mighty magics. The Banshee are currently a reclusive people, and take many measures to preserve the peace they have long enjoyed.

1 - Blue represents stability, unity, and conservatism. The Banshee have long kept alive their traditions and beliefs in the face of various obstacles. They are steadfast and strong defending them, and the common culture shared by the temples serves as one of the factors that bind them as one people.

2 - Silver signifies richness, honor, and chivalry. The Banshee are a disciplined people, whose many martial, mental, and mystical paths all aim for enlightenment and wisdom as the end of all their training and learning.

3 - The star is the racial icon of the Banshee race. Due to their mythology, cultural development, and spiritualism, they see the star as the symbol of enlightenment and unity. The latter is interpreted in the sense of self, as well as in their identity as a people.

4 - The ring is another element of the flag which symbolizes unity, and it also refers to continuance and progress. The Banshee continue to remember the past, but they strive towards finding their place in the future, in the universe.

5 - The many diamonds emphasize individuality and recognition of self. Though the Banshee are a people who emphasize collective unity, they also acknowledge that the achievements of the individual helps to grow their culture.


1 - The Banshee are fey spirits in Irish folklore, whose cries herald the coming of death.
2 - The style of government used by the Banshee is that of a Monastic Theocracy, where a council of the most senior members of a temple guide the people in their daily lives.
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