MK Contest- Swan Maiden Picture

Edit: It's killing my colors again!!! D< D.A. what is wrong with you!! Third time's the charm? Plz???? That terrible moment when I have to copy paste the thing into PAINT to make it look right. Idon'tunderstandwhatiswrongwiththesedamncolorprofilesseriously. Whatever, these are the colors I put at least. v.v -goes to bed now-

my first submission for the Magic Knight contest [link]
I have two more drawn that will hopefully be more to their style... ButI'mstillratherproudofthisone.
Also I really /really/ hate how small we have to upload them at first. O-o

Things of note:
Yes I did her eyes different on purpose. There are four possible levels for winning cards (the contest requesting that we draw the highest level.) Earlier levels of this card will have both eyes the same. Also her scepter head is in fact hollow and pointed for carrying orbs of water and for jabbing/stabbing what have you (yay pointy things~) The color of her gems, the use of water, and the moon will all change with earlier levels as well.
Also, this was inspired from the Norn and the Swan Maiden of Norse Mythology. I've sort of gotten to affectionately calling her Urd as well. (the next two remind me of Skuld and Verdandi too. I'm terrible, I know. -skips off-)

Oh, and one more thing.
Working between Sai and Photoshop. Highly irritating. Photoshop says I'm not allowed to use luminosity, Sai says I'm not allowed to use 80% of photoshop's blending effects. I say fuck them both, I have loopholes.
(Also, special thanks to
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