Mantle of Great Gincosta Picture

Rebus, Liber, Statera
Prosperity, Free, Balance
All Hail the country, Gincosta!
May we rule the lands in peace and prospaerity
May we bring down a mighty hammer down upon our enemies
And May He, leader of our cause, guide us to the future
Smite our foes, leader our people to greatness
All hail the spearhead of our reign
All Hail our Lord of Gincosta!

Anyways, this is my first piece of vector art I have ever made and It is based on a novel that I'm working on for writerscraft class.

The story takes place in the year 2021, the world is mostly ruled by the country Gincosta. A militaristic state that wishes to rule the world and put it under one banner. The country is also ruled by a king that the citizens and soldier call their 'Lord'. Very mysterious and with a distorted voice so no one can recognize him/her.
The story itself is about a resident living in a lawless part of Gincosta. She was a conscripted soldier for the EuroUnion but escaped into Gincosta shortly before the 3rd world war ended. Working as a gun dealer, she lived in a trader's town for 5 years. Near the end of December however, her identity is found out and soon many people all go after her; all with their own reason to capture or kill this poor tortured soul.
This story will be filled with action, loss, betrayal, and much more!
may include heavy mythology references.

Explanation too long!
Constructive Criticism is welcome. Rude comments are not.
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