Smiling in the Sunshine Picture

awww man I came up with a title I actually like XD YAY for me ^_^

And yes people the impossible has happened....
I DREW A PIC I LIKE well anyways here we have Riley *points to blonde* and Patches *points to lil boy*
And there lil nagalings
(Nagas are half human and half snake from India mythology)

Riley was orignally designed by ~marauderfaze heres her orignal design [link]

And uhm I do wanna say that they're not smaller than flowers thats just a REALLY big flower
And yes, they are being supervised by an adult naga somewhere......thats just an open place where lil nagas can play
STORY....cuz I say so XD
When Patches was first born he didnt open his eyes and couldnt stop crying. It was about over 6 months of non-stop crying and never once opening his lil eyes. That his parents were bringing him into the doctor once again, when they passed a mother naga holding her child, Riley. Patches only opened his eyes a lil bit but he immediantly stopped crying at the small glimpse of Riley. His Parents never found out why he stopped crying or opened his eyes. And Patches is much to young to rember why too. But ever since that day its rare to see Patches not smiling. Any chance he gets to play with Riley, he only trys to make her smile. To young to understand why or to ever understand why. But if you ask me its a small way to say thank you to her ^_^

Media: Z-wipes, Prisma Markers and Prisma Colored Pencils
Riley and Patches are copyright for * and

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