Elder Seisua Picture

She is a member of the Elders, a form of close-knit government that rules over the galaxies, maintaining temporal order. While Doom speaks freely to them, they are her superiors, and she is referred to as a Divinity- one who serves the Elders and, essentially, does their dirty work. All Elders are based of gods/goddesses out of a wide variety of mythologies.

Seisua is not very popular among her fellow Elders, mostly because she sides with Doom all the time and 'spoils her' as Jeyung puts it. She is very knowledgeable, and a very good strategist, often seen sitting in front of a chess board. She is very attractive, and adept at using her feminine charms, but her main power is plants. If it's alive and conducts photosynthesis, she is its master. She does not only control and create plants on her own, if another plant-user attacked her she could use their own plants against them. By clenching her fist she can create a seed infused with her power that will grow rapidly out of any surface she places it in. Her true form, when she chooses to reveal it, is that of the World Tree Yggdrasil. Those who can see magical potency or auras, or with a talent for feeling energy, will see or 'feel' the waves of power that are spread from her true form. This makes her very obvious to said people, but can also induce an awe that renders most speechless.

Despite her great power, Seisua is hampered, like all other Elders, in what she can do on a world, to prevent her from interfering with that world's set course. Of all of these, she is most forbidden from revealing her true form, as it causes immeasurable damage to the surroundings- the simple act of burrowing her roots into the ground causes an area of destruction equivalent to a meteor striking.

Unlike many of the other Elders, Seisua is a very forgiving and warmhearted individual. It is believed that she was the root of many 'harvest goddess' religions.
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