Lovely Day in the City Picture

I guess this is a scene of some story I'm conjuring up in my head. Few years in the future where science has gone clear into science fiction and they've learned how to combine the bodies of animals and give them different unique features to create these insane Frankensteins of the animal kingdom.

I'm assuming after the first few failed creations they'd get the hang of it and create some Kitten/Garter Snake hybrid to display some of their capabilities to the public. After a crazy amount of protests from the people, they'd announce that they're shutting down the program, but in reality, the government/military just got their grubby hands on it and they're going to use it for more destructive purposes.

I'm sure one of the first few creations they would make would be Ammut, the egyptian mythology demon which ate the hearts of the sinful, by fusing a Nile Crocodile, an African Lion, and a Hippopotamus. I don't know why. Maybe to create something neat and strike fear into the hearts of the egyptians. Who's to say?

..Anyways. That would be the Ammut monster looking at it's next little victim's eyes. The little man would most likely be ate.

I don't know if there's a place called Wacko Jacko's, but I made it up here. And yes, everybody's car in this city (Which I guess is Manhattan?) looks exactly the same besides the color scheme.

Oh, and I know Ammut is supposed to be a female, but future scientists wanted her to be a he. So he's a he.
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