Bryan and Sunny's outfits Picture

Bryan and Sunny's various outfits In my story for Bryan he has his normal outfit which is a Travelers vest combined with a shirt along with the red Band Which marks his Place as a Hero master, People call it the Travelers Custom, and then bryan's Summer outfit, a lighter Outfit for the heat a sleeveless shirt with a black hat instead of his normal hat.And then his heroes armor, The legendary set of heroes armor that was said to be forged by the heavens themselves in the old Kingdom, armor forged with rare Blue steel which was only found in the mines of Sapphira near the shore with fur combined with said to be from the legendary golden Lion of Nemea, a lion of Greek Mythology, Making him partially immune to weapons and Bullets, plus for armor that offers much protection, it is very light and well balanced.

And then theres sunny, who's outfit is very simple, just a Heroes Hoody(Bryan's old hoody) And some short and a Blue Bandanna, and his summer outfit he just wears a T-shirt thats shows off his fluffy Dog chest cuz he says girls think his fluffy chest is cute. and then What ALL dogs have that others don't, the BEAST form, where the dog taps into there primal instincts and Frees the beast within, Dogs can't really do there beasts forms unless there adults, but Sunny is only 9 and He can tap into it perfectly! Quite amazing for someone his age. when beast mode is active, the strength and power of the dog is increased massively and is like a rhino, it can charge Everything in it's way.

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