Konner Oc Picture

New Oc for Okamaina
Name: Konner
Age: 19
HT: 6'6
WT: 180
Animal/Mythological Creature: Alligator
Moves: Beat to Beat, Heavy Fang, Camouflage, Death Glare, Shot Koroom, Boom Overture
Special Move: Gun Show Barrage
Weapon(s): Claws, Teeth and Gun (bought form the humans)
Info: Konner is is a bounty hunter of the reptillian clan. He has a very cold personality and hates when someone gets in his way. Konner has a very large family which includes his older brother, Lon, his younger sister, Nee, the middle sister, Gora, and the youngest sister, Lily. He wears headphones because Lily found them and gave them to him When he was young, his father and Lon had to go to the war. A few months later, his mother, Gora and Lily had fallen terrably ill. Konner and Nee had to take care of them. When he heard that his father had died in the war he left his family thinking that he was the one causing all of their problems. He traveled to the city known as Detriot, the place where humans live. He had entered a bar and noticed the outlaw board. Only one of those criminals sparked his interest. The one with the highest bounty out there, Zepleon. Having a bounty of $600,000,000,000 that would be more than enough money for Konner to heal his family. He realized that the criminal was a mythical creature. No regular animaliod can beat a mythical ceature like that. So, he bought a gun especially designed to kill mythical creatures. He is now on his way to kill Zepleon.
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