Stupid Dream I Had - 1 Picture

Gah, where to begin?

Well, today when I was supposed to be doing *other* things and I was messing around sketching, heh heh.

So I had this weird random dream where I go to meet Oz in NB. Everything is going great and I comment about "wow, you're really pale". Finally we go back to his place and we're alone, but he wants to engage in necking, but it's not the kind one hopes for. Oz transforms into that weird freaky looking vampire type from "30 Days of Night" (you know, tons of pointy teeth, black eyes with white pupils, tongue ripped off of Venom). He tries to kill me but I manage to get away (and subsequently impale him through his heart).

Next scene I'm with my boyfriend and he's comforting me from the harrowing ordeal from nearly getting eaten. Things start to get a little bit amorous and then *he* changes. Explains that he doesn't want to eat me, just make me a werewolf like him. I counter that I don't want a unibrow (in traditional werewolf mythology, they have unibrows while human) and manage to escape yet again.

Finally the last part I was at a con and telling everyone about my story and no one would believe me save for one person. I told her how much I was scared and she wanted to hear more. Well, I was dumb enough to go along with her alone and she was a weird kind of bug monster.

The most unbelievable part of the dream has to be where I actually went to a con
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