A Comic - Rough Pencils Picture

Yes I'm ALIVE and doin' some art! OMG!!!! And even better yet... it's A COMIC!!! Well a page with no words. I felt like doin' some comic art.

Ya remember Sariel right? If not here's a refresher [link]

Anywho, the comics which I dont' have a name for or maybe never will is based around her. It takes place in moderen times. Sariel is the deciphil(sp?) of a master criminal/assassin/crime lord/war criminal/killer... he basically controls a whole chunk of the outlaw underground world. He's kind of like a living legend in the criminal word, you don't question him and you never say no to him. He's kinda scarey, although he looks like a regular guy it's the stories of what he has done that makes him frightening. He's also one of the few that know of the ben Elohim... yes WARCHILD's ben Elohim. And in Moderen times it is Aurora that controls the society. And yes Athrilius being a DEMON is still alive after 70 some odd years, he's much older then you think.

Sariels master is also a big history/bible/mythology fan himself. So in turn he and his apprentice have come face to face with the ben Elohim a few times in the past. Sariel and co. are not necessarly a team put together to fight against the ben Elohim, they have studied them to get to know what they are and all that but their not gonna go up against them and save the world and all that lovely stuff. That's someone elses job. But if I ever do get the comic off the ground you get to see the ben Elohim in a different light from a different point of view.

Anywho should I paint it and adds words.... I dunno.

Sariel and Athrilius are (c) to me
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