Dark Side of Misty Magic Land Picture

Finally loose, finally free,
Trapped outside of hi-s-tory,
Imagination screaming through the ages,
Running through Misty Magic Land,
He faces the perils,
So deep, so true,
A wolf, a child, a girl without feet,
A shadow that smiles, a statue that speaks.
Through the dark woods he runs,
His face is fear,
The moon-child watches, unable to hear.
A scream, he turns,
The sun all ablaze,
He falls and is burned,
Alone and afraid.
A shadow awakens,
The Mithraic killer, and the psychic, his queen,
They run through to fetch him,
The portal, it screams.
Through to the Misty Magic Land,
The Human Creation,
It is the Nightmare Place,
The Thing that we fear.
-Misty Magic Land: Me.

Lemme start this off with: HOLLY, PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!!!
My twisted mind doesn't like me when I'm asleep, soooo......
I have lots o' nightmares. And this is one of 'em!
Unfortunately, this dream always starts out AWESOME!!! But gets progressively worse as it goes on, and generally ends with ~Halloweennut's character Shadow being eaten by the sun in Misty Magic Land.
Yeah. Not pleasant.
My characters Dashti (Mithraic killer) pops up a lot, as does Esme, (~Hallowennut's character) who breaks down sobbing at ze end, and Theodi (MY ADORABLE 4 YEAR OLD) just gets confused as to where "Tchadoue" went. The guy in the corner with Esme and Dashti is Luc, also ~Halloweennut's, who I LOVE! The statue is of Fortuna, a Celtic (?) goddess, and the girl without feet is Karen from The Red Shoes.
Comment if you think I should put this under warning.
Let's not show this to Shadow, shall we?

Esme, Shadow, Luc (c) ~Halloweennut. Go to her page to see.
Karen (c) Hans Christian Andersen. Bug him after you rob his grave.
Fortuna (c) Celtic mythology. Good luck trying to steal her.
Dashti, Theodi, the poem, and Misty Magic Land (c) me. No steal.
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