BA: Laurence Salen Picture

Please exuse the wierd erasing on casual picture.. I scanned it onto the computer.

Name: Laurence Salen

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Powers: Laurence can change vision. He can switch back in forth through differant eye types, such as Xray, Cat eyes, ect. This power easily drains energy from Laurence to a point where he cannot use his power for more than a minute or two.

Class selections
-Supernatural Studies
-Culinary Arts
-Ancient Speech

Dorm - Heikatsu Flat [link] Room 2

House Celestial

Character Description:
Laurence is a normal guy, other than his powers. He likes Girls, Doing hair, and Messing around. Laurence first noticed his power when he was about 4. He could see through his Christmas gifts, His moms purse, and into peoples pockets.Since he was young though, it didn't matter much too him. A couple of years later, His parents died in a car crash, forcing him to ether run away, or go live at his dreaded Aunt's home.
Running away with what little money he had, He stayed in ditches, and hid in walmarts until he could find a job, and a place maybe to rent. When he turned 14, He took a job at a salon as a janitor man. He also rented the top floor for his living. Nothing much happened after that and he almost forgot his power. Then one evening when he was strolling down the streets to get to his apartment, he got stopped by a gang that had been hiding in a empty building in one of the allys. After getting beat up, he promised himself he would learn Ju Jitsu, and practice his power more, Knowing he could of avoided the fight. At age 15, Laurence decided to finally look for a school to go too. After some hard research He found BA, and thought he would give it a shot.

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