Scetches of Phang Tong, Sat. 14.4. Picture

Here's some of the scetches I made of Phang Tong to make referances to how he is suppose to look when he's done. So far I've got the color palette down, and the shape of the snout, the ears, the mouistaces, the beard, the eyes, and most likely the hands. I haven't got the knack on whether he's going to be mostly bald or have long hair. Also, the length of his tail is still unresolved.

A bit of info to clarify:
Phang Tong is suppose to be a drakeling (a sort of dragon), but from earlier I've been only drawing typically Western dragons (like Smaug from Hobbit, Draco from Dragonheart, Deathwing and Onyxa from WoW, Dragon from Shrek, etc.). Eastern (read: Asian) dragons are different. They don't have wings but can still fly, they resemble crocodiles while Western dragons resemble birds, Asian mythology tell more tales about good dragons than evil dragons... You get the idea; I'm sailing unfamiliar seas here.
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