Persona - I'll Face Myself Picture


A Persona Manga.... maybe. I started It yesterday and I have so far... one PAGE! w00t! I mean, besides this cover shot. The scanner screwed up the shading I did T_T

You know, I find my sisters annoying, or at least, one of them. They point out EVERY time I draw a girl, their like "Hey look, boobs." I mean come on, it gets annoying after letting them see about 5 or 6 girls in your sketchpad.

I've also noticed no one complains when girls draw girls and guys, but when a guy draws a girl... well, some people I've met overreact too much. It sort of annoys me.

Aaaaaaaaaaaanyways, I'll stop with the ranting. The guy in the middle is Tsuyoi. Kosei Tsuyoi. Its what I named Minato in P3 FES, so might as well give it to my character. His Persona behind him, is Amaron. The four characters around him, I haven't decided yet.

Ooookay, statistics:

Amaron, of the Fool Arcana. Tsuyoi's Arcana is Fool, and he's a guest of the Velvet room, but he can't summon multiple Personae. But his Persona's got a twist to it, which I will introduce in the... manga... yeah if I can get that far ^_^

Phys = Str
Fire = ---
Ice = ---
Thunder = ---
Wind = ---
Light = Wk
Dark = ---

What's Amaron's connection with Tsuyoi? Well, Amaron is a Hero of Philippine mythology, who's story was usually told to children before they sleep. Tsuyoi feels like he's seen the places around him and some people he's met from a dream.

Okay, that's about it for now.

Tsuyoi Kosei and Amaron belong to me. ^_^

The Persona Franchise belongs to Atlus. ^_^

Note: If you noticed, the title is from P4
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