Sleep well little sis :Base: Picture

So, I was on DA one day and looked up "Dragon Ponies", as I had randomly found a pic of Pinkie and Fluttershy as dragons. While searching, I saw a pic that said "Longma" on it. Curious, I clicked it and found out it was part of Chinese Mythology, and it was a Half DRagon Half Horse/Pony. So, I looked up "Longma" and saw many different OC centered around these creatures (Which, if these did ever appear in Canon, SpikeXRarity could have kids)

Giving that this base looked liked an older sibling putting their younger sibling to sleep, I couldn't help it, I liked how it looked and everything, and decided that, I normally make Fails-T-Fox some form of reptile if there is a way, lets make him a Longma! Of course, being this be a random spur of the moment, and this not being his own, the Longma doesn't have a cutie mark, or pony-like name, until JUstin decides he wants to.

So, the Longma is tucking in his Sister-like friend, Gamin Sketch (Me) away. He also already took her glasses and placed them in a safe spot.

Link to base:…

Only think I changed are the wings, add the dragon horns, add the dragon tail, his glasses, and both of our manes.

Base by Shadeila
Gamin Sketch is mine
Longma, if he wants, belongs to Fails-T-Fox
MLP is Hasbro
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