Jesus (christianity) Picture

Ranking:Messiah, The son of the trinity. King of Israel until death.

Religion/Mythology of Origin/Pantheon:Early Christianity in Rome.

Alternate Names: God the Son/Jesus Christ/Jesus of Nazareth/Yoshua/Messiah/The Son/God/Lord.

Race: God of Christianity > Sub Race: Demigod (incarnation of the father)

Gender: Male

Appearance: Unknown. While most recognize Jesus as a young man with brown long hair with an appearance of an Ethnic Israelite(black or caucasian according to biased sources). I read somewhere that the shroud of Turin is not really Jesus. Might be controversial to some or maybe to me.

Age:Eternal (according to Christians) But logically he is 2000 years old/1700 years old if you believe in the phantom time theory.

Sexuality: Jesus was proven to have a wife from some hidden ancient scriptures that are not hand picked by Constantine to be a part of the new testament. According to Christianity he does not. so in conclusion he is Straight or Asexual.

Spouse: The secret scriptures tell us it was Mary Magdelene.

Size: Man Sized.

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