Life of Riley concept 01 Picture

Not sure how many of you folks read Life of Riley over at


but for those that do, this should be no big deal. Well, a little bit of back story first.
Around February of this year, me and a friend of mine were considering taking up continuing the LoR comics on our own, since the ClanBob site had been down for almost a year. I was to draw, he was going to write script.

We worked on getting the groudwork down, ie reviewing of the existant archived comics, getting all the mythological and otherwise references researched and organized, attempting to make it as close to the original creation as possible. I had a bit of a time getting the drawing style done to match, but this was about as close as I could get (for good or for worse).

A rather rushed colour job, crappy overall picture but please don't hate me too much.. webcomics generally tend to not have the most detailed art in the world. Part 1 of a 4 series art pieces I made. (posted because I feel guilty of not updating this place at all more than anything.. I'm sorry I only can post crap like this >.< )

The irony of this entire escapade was that, as we were about 2 days away to emailing the Clanbob guys to request formally if we could continue their webcomic by inheriting all the copyrights and paraphenalia, they posted up a flash movie and revived the site, stating that they would be bringing back the comic shortly.

Psyche! Go us. Whatever, Life of Riley is currently up and running healthily, so this art goes to the dump.. er, the art archives, here, as just another fan work.
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