KH - Olympus Picture

Awww no one commented on my last outfit and I liked it so muuuch. Well, c'est la vie. I know I can't be bothered to comment most of the time, personally. XD

So here's the next in Kingdom Hearts. Olympus Coliseum! Once again, I've put me in the place of Sora and made an outfit for this world :3

Now to explain the outfit =w= I started out with the base of a toga (You know...greek...stuff...or roman. bah sorry if i sound uncultered - whatever.) The toga hides her armour underneath (you can see part of the breastplate, yes?) On my head are two sweatbands...

OK, the legs need a paragraph of their own XD the toga is real short (just covers the butt) so I have black leggings that are frayed at the bottom. Just beolw my knee are gold rings with wings on either side - and the wings are tipped with gold blades XD Like that Greek..mythology...guy. messenger....thing. *cough* then we have useless lace-up leather thing that unattached the the sandals and...sandals. =B

...And BRASS KNUCKLES WOO. And I don't know why the arm guards have beads on the lacing. It's purely for design ^^

WOW THAT WAS A LONG DESCRIPTION. Anyway. Rushed Heartless shadows and a bit of an annoying outfit to draw: blah.

P.S. Anatomy may be off <_<

Next up: Deep Jungle!

~artwork and myself copyright to me, Mimic
Heartless, Keyblade and concept copyright to Kingdom Hearts
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