Your True Face Picture

She reached up to brush his cheek and the bandages still dotting it, “You….know you do not have to leave already.” She spoke carefully. “You are always welcome here...”

He reached up and caught her wrist before she could reach him, “It is safer this way….I would be loathe to bring danger down upon you.”

They both fell silent, the noise of their words being replaced with the soft rustle of wind through the trees and bushes around them.

“Here.” Katara finally spoke again, “Your face…you’ll need it.”

He looked down for a moment at the demon mask in her hands, “My…face?” He asked slowly.

She nodded, fingers again straining to touch his cheek, “Yes…this….” Her fingers trailed against his skin, “This is your mask. Your true face is the one that the Fire Nation has begun to fear.”

First things first….set in an AU world with more fantasy elements in it then not. The Blue Spirit is now a Robin Hood-esque character fighting the Fire Nation which has, for the most part, conquered the whole world. Katara appears to have a small farm or something where she probably takes care of orphans cause Katara’s like that
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