PWP project: Scatchs Picture

My second peace of art for PWP, some new pokemon. I haven't come up with a great deal about these guys yet, so if you guys have any idea for them let me know.

First up the top one
Pokedex entry: This pokemon has been called the two-headed Houndoom but unlike Houndoom it is not a fire type.
Origin: It's based on Orthrus, a twin-headed dog in greek mythology.

Next on the left
Pokedex entry: This pokemon is a steel type so it horns and hooves are made of metal, powder from it larger horn can used as an antidote to poison. It is ruffly the size of a dog and perfers tropical forests. It hates having it tail pulled.
Origin: It's base on an abada, a small mistical unicorn like creature from Africa.

On the bottom left we have Tigris
Pokedex entry: Tigris, a water type tiger-like pokemon usealy given as a starter pokemon to beginner trainers, in the wild they are solitary but my live near their siblins. It can swim up fore miles in one go, its strips help to brake up it outline under water and it web paws help it swim. It lives in forests near a river or lake.
Origin: It's based on a tiger cub with aspects of a fishing cat.
Name origin: Tigris is the name of a river in middle east.

And bottem right
Pokedex entry: The fully evolved from of Tigris this pokemon has evolved fins to aid with its swimming. They hunt in both the water and the trees and are expert ambusher. They drag their pray to island and other places only accessable by water to keep scavangers from it.
Origin: It's based on a tiger with aspects of a fishing cat and waterdelwing vertabrats.
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