BA:: Michelle Jee Picture

Name Michelle Olivia Jee
Age 14
Gender Female
Power Able to manipulate sound waves that only she creates. (For example, if she taps on a table, she can make it sound like a bell chiming, etc.)
She also has partial mind control over Catherine, for they share minds.
Class Selections Science, Mathematics, Social Science, Mythology, Swimming, Potions, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Culinary Arts, German.
Dorm N/A
House N/A

Character Description

Personality Much like her twin sister, Michelle is a hardheaded, stubborn little girl who always gets her way no matter what. She's a bit more rough in the sense that she resorts to violence more often than not, and she's hardly ever at peace with her place in the world. Because she was overshadowed by her sister in elementary school, Michelle has a very fluctuating superiority complex, and at times doesn't care about things going on around her, while other times she cares too much. She's seen as a bit of an extremist, though she's often just blunt, loud, and naive, which leads her to assume very quickly.

Fighting Style and Weaponry Possibly one of the only fields Michelle is good at is fighting. She had trained in martial arts and boxing since she was 11, and always pushed herself by picking more fights than she could win. She knows how to handle a knife and a gun well from her cheap escapades from those lost battles, but she is terrible at long range battle.

Bio/History Being one from the Jee family, Michelle was always surrounded by a quarreling family, be it her siblings, or her parents... (The rest of her history will be revealed in It's Complicated)

Height: 5'4"
Ethnicity: Chinese-British
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