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This is the t-shirt 'commission' I did for my sister (for which she paid me with 2 KFC Zinger burgers. *holds up sign* I WORK FOR FOOD)
Anyway, it's a school shirt and Centaurus is the house she's in. She (and apparently everyone else in the house) hated the old house mascot design and when her teacher asked them to submit new designs she immediately asked me to whip something up. I don't really blame them; the old design...just wasn't that great. Especially compared to the mascots of the other school houses.
So I tried to make the guy, slightly more intimidating yet at the same time I didn't want him to be...well...ugly, because centaurs are beautiful creatures in my opinion. I added a bow where the old design had a spear. Gave him TWO eyes where the old design only had one. And placed him in a more interesting position aesthetically where the previous design was just a side view with the centaur's head turned to the viewer. And I decided to NOT have him smile where the older design did (just not very macho). If I can get a picture of the old t-shirt, I'll post it just so you guys can see the difference.
Anyway, the design got approved (though they want the lines to be a little bit thicker) and this is how it's going to look on the t-shirt, which is red (duh!), with text and before I thicken the lines.
It's the first time I've ever designed a t-shirt like this (usually I just grab paints and scrawl straight onto my clothes) and it's the first time I've drawn a centaur. Oh! And this is one of my few forays into a more realistic style. So feedback is more than welcome
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