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So this is about two weeks worth of bored doodling. In the center, you see a cat that is similar in styleto Lackadaisy Cat artist *tracyjb. I love Lackadaisy and wanted to imitate Freckle. There's another down there, just below, of him looking pleased.

In the corner on the right, near the left hand side, and near the top, you'll see Gargoyles-like characters. In the corner, it's Chibi!Goliath stealing me off with him, and I am quite content and happy to be stolen away. On the sides is another small attempt at Elisa Maza as a gargoyle, and then my own original design of a new gargoyle character who does not have a name. In the top, near the Raven image, is a silhouette of when Elisa was transformed into a gargoyle/human. I thought it was amazing animation in the series and she just looked beautiful, so I wanted to do a tiny doodle of that.

You'll see a reoccurring Godzilla, who was just amusing to draw, a bowl of fruit, a reoccurring happy Milk and Cookie, flowers, a clock, a small hanging garden, a raven, and various other things.

The hand placing a ring on the other hand made me sad when I doodled it, as I was listening to I Can't Help Falling in Love With You when I doodled it. Sadface!

This was amusing for me. I wanted to completely fill a page, and I mostly did.

Please ignore Make Magazine up there... that was for me...

Anyhoodles. Enjoy my boredom.

Lackadaisy Cats is (C) *tracyjb
Gargoyles is (C) Disney

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