Infinity Gladiators : Snow 2 Picture

another piccie of Snow : the Infinity Gladiator of Justice and horrible hair that defies the laws of gravity ..... >_<

just thought i'd let you guys see the costume too ^^
it's supposed to be metallic ... hope the greyish and goldish colours express that well enough ...

hope the background doesn't take away from some of the character colours too much ....i didn't really want to put a background on snows' piccies : but if i just left it white : her white hair would blend into the background too much
background sux : but i couldn't really think of anything else and i wanted to get it finished today cuz' i gotta start other stuff with actual deadlines

you see !!! i can't fit her hair on the page ..... lol ........ XD

in her hand is an infinity crystal
inifnity crystals grow on a tree in the center of the universe : it's the source of the infinity gladiators' amazing powers
well her metallic costume is actually inifinity energy manifiested into physical matter / form
so that explains how she squeeze into a stiff metal costume that's her exact size in the first place ( it magically forms around her when she transforms / summons the power )

maybe i'll have costume add ons later to make the costume more roman like : since gladiatorial stuff is one of the themes in the series : but for now this is the base / default costume

other themes in this series are mythology and gods

oh yeah even though they're called inifinity gladiators : their powers aren't infinite
how much power they can tap into depends on their mental and spiritual strength
also using the powers is very physically , mentally and spirtually exhausting too

Character and image are created by and copyright of Jonathan Teoh / Low-quality
Infinity Gladiators series is created by and copyright of Jonathan Teoh / Low-quality

oh yeah ... don't steal her .... cuz she's one of my babies ... especially her hair ... go and make your own horrible hair ..... lol .......
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