-EchoAndNarcissus.2. Picture

My last art project was an independant study, so therefore we could choose to look into whatever we wanted, whatever artist we wanted. I chose to look at J.W.Waterhouse and how he was influenced by literature, especially Greek Mythology.

I created my own interpretation of the story of Narcissus, but with a school camera so it was crappy quality and I needed more development with my project.

So therefore, I did the same concept again, but this time added in the other main character of the story, Echo. Echo was a girl who chattered too much until one of the goddess got fed up with her and made it so she couldn't speak, only repeat what others had said. She fell in love with Narcissus who loved his own reflection. As her affections weren't returned she wasted away until only her voice remained.

And that's where the concept of echos comes from
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