Buraq Picture

A Buraq is an Angelic beast that belongs Third Sphere. It is a holy mount that only appears to the faithful and pure of heart. When a prophet or a person of similar vocation has attained a certain degree of holiness and faith, a Buraq can appear before them in order to aid them in their travels. It allows them to ride it as they are worthy enough to ride such a holy beast. The common destinations a Buraq can take its rider are often far off countries and temples where the rider can continue their profession. In rare instances, a Buraq will instead take its rider to the heavens. Doing this either means that they're immortals in need of the rider's skills, or that the rider is near death. Both reasons are considered a sign of honor among the faithful. The former because the rider has proven himself worthy to aid the Gods, and the latter because the rider has proven himself worthy to be given a form ascendance to the afterlife rather than the normal form of death which can cold and cruel for some.

There have been instances where the unfaithful have tried to mount a Buraq or two. How they are able to encounter a Buraq in the first place doesn't really matter. What matters is that due to nature of a Buraq, the unfaithful cannot mount the holy beast no matter how hard they try. It's not that the Buraq is wild or anything. It's just when the unfaithful try to get on the beast, they simply fall straight through the beast as if it were made of clouds. Furthermore, trying to cage a Buraq is near impossible due to similar reasons. The only way the unfaithful could ride or cage a Buraq is through dark spells. These spells however have to be constantly recast else the Buraq will simply slip away. A note that isn't very well remembered by most unfaithful especially when riding a Buraq over a few hundred meters above ground. Many have justifiably fallen due to their hubris in trying to ride something reserved only for the most holy.


*Based on the Buraq of Islamic mythology [link]
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