Orthus Picture

Name: Orthus
Age: 10,000 year old
Type: Twin head lycanthrope
Species: Daemon
Lives: Nexux or Shadow World
Powers: Creates nightmares, traumatic nightmares, see among shades, hid in them.
Likes: Sadness, Fear, Agony, be the leader, Force others, be cruel
Dislikes: Tauroses, Danika, Gran Hawk, lose, be defeated, stupid things.

Bio: Orthus is a daemon from a place named Shagous, far away from the time and space, his second head has a primitve brain which can repeat words from its conscious part, and also has a roar which can blow up some brain nerves in one attack.
Orthus anciently was summoned to eliminate Tauroses for a naive mission of Gran Hawk who desired their death after harm a little fox named Danika.
To this souless and heartless daemon that mission became very easy...but when Dani and Hawk tried to stop him, he has just eliminate almost all the creatures...except two baby tauroses.
But with some efforts both friends could save them, even when the lycanthrope entered in the Nexux and tried to extinct them in a bottomless pit there.

He will have his revenge, and when that happens he will be happy forever after.

Song: Turmion Kätilöt - Minä Määrään [link]

Fun Fact:

Orthus was originally an one headed wolf with bipolar emotions

Orthus's first name was Belphegor

I never thought there was a two headed wolf in the greek mythology after played Bookworm Adventures.

Orthus second head's doesnt have name.

When someone suffered with a traumatic emotion in some part of the life, Orthus can revive it using his nigtmare powers.

When the second head roared, some brain nerves will be desactivated causing a paralyzation or the death.

<I was drawing him after three hours...so I know there are a few lines I forgot cover...when I had time I'll improve somethings>

Orthus, Nexux, Gran Hawk belongs to me
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