My Fan Troll ~ Picture

My Fan Troll: Exia (X - ZEE - A) (MOR - ROW - KA)
Nickname: 'PATCH'

You are EXIA MOROCA . You are 6 SWEEPS OLD. You are the LOUD girl that always talks, and your are VERY MESSY. Your blood is a BRIGHT BLUE, placing you fairly high on the haemospectrum.
Your lusus is a GREAT HORNED OWL, who you love dearly, despite being dreadfully lazy but is very wise and always helps you out with your problems.

You have a variety of INTERESTS. One being the INTERNET, MYTHOLOGY, and SEWING. You like to be the LIFE OF THE PARTY. You are LAID BACK and LAZY very much like your LUSUS, but will help your friend at a drop of a hat.

Your LUSUS, being very lazy, will not go out and hunt for his self. Because of this, it is your duty to feed him. You are AWESOME at chasing animals, after having to hunt for your LUSUS pretty much all of your life.

Your FETCH MODUS is BUTCH modus, which is not too problematic, unless you captchalogue large items, which frequently GET STUCK.

Your Trollian Tag is patchDoctor [PD] ǝnd you 2peak w1th a li2p and y0u are bl1nd. Your title is Rouge of Time and your dreamself is located on DERSE. Your HIVE is a under the sea CAVE. Your PLANET is the LAND OF CLOCKS AND SHADOWS.

Your like to SELF HARM because your bruises look like patches. And you LOVE PATCHES so you cut up your clothes on purpose and sow random colors of clothes because of
the PATCHES. Your WEAPON of choice is long daggers that you carry around where ever you go. Your ANCESTOR is D'anai (Die - An - E - Ah)

Exia (C) Me

Homestuck (C) Andrew Hussie <==== Awesomest Guy Eva

UPDATE: Patch now has a PesterChum! Her username is patchDoctors, feel free to pester her!
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