Willowthorn - Summer Country Picture

Fanart/illustration for my fanfiction from James A. Hetley's book The Summer Country. 8D

For the fanfiction itself, this is my quick summary:

A stranger appears in the Summer Country, and if her " power " feels right, she is no more than... human. But magic and Power emanate from her like heat from a wildfire, and any wind can carry only the faintest scent that is not human, yet... not quite of the Old Blood.


For the scene this illustrates:
The voices are different creatures of the forest, a fox [the one that sided with Maureen and led her to the cave], a deer, and numerous ravens.

< A human in the summer country?>


<But that is impossible!>

<The trees do not lie.>

<Are you sure you heard right?>

< I am! And I have heard of wings...>

<Like the fae.>

<No. Rather like... snow. And Power. A new Power.>

<And does she know?> *

<She* has already left to investigate. The whole forest is murmuring of this uncertainty.>

<How could she not know?>

<There have been humans before...>

<This one was alone.>

<The human is in danger.>

<The human has Power.>

<But can she use it?>


*Note: 'She' referring to Maureen.


The wolf is this new human, or at least one of her forms. Somewhere slightly distanced, she's sitting and watching, listening.. (I tired drawing her ears pricked...)

The fox drawn in is the one I call 'Maureen's fox,' or at least her guide... The one from the books, in other words. :}

The raven is pointing to the wolf...

The 'Willowthorn' has a special personal meaning, so naturally it has a place in the story. ;}


I had to clean this scan up digitally, and the textures looked a lot more distinct on the paper... o.o;;

I also might end up coloring this one eventually. :}
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