Misc: Kallisti Picture

This is a piece I made as part of my final project in Design Concepts. We're to make a book about a Greek deity that we pulled out of a cup. I got Eris, goddess of chaos and discord, though a LOT of people got deities featured in either Persona 3 or the Megami Tensei franchise as a whole. Thanatos, Metis, Atropos...and those are just the ones I can think of at the moment! XD

Anyway, this apple is part of a major story in Eris's backstory. A god and a goddess were getting married and stuff and a bunch of other gods and goddesses were invited, save for Eris, who's assumed to be one of those people who gets drunk and wrecks the place and says stupid things about everyone's mother. So naturally, Eris got upset. She crashed the wedding and decided to toss a golden apple into the crowd, inscribed "Kallisti" or "to the fairest one". The goddesses present all have the biggest catfight in the history of forever over it, Zeus gets worried and calls in this guy from Try and asks him to decide who gets the apple. The guy thinks the way most men are assumed to think (no offense, guys!) and chooses Aphrodite. ...Did I mention the goddesses all stripped bare to try and sway his decision? Well, they did. ...I should probably stop there.

I made this by taking a picture of an apple I'd bought specifically for this, then overlaying a card labeled "Kallisti" that was used in another picture. ...Turns out I don't really like the taste of yellow apples. I like red ones better.
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