Maxwell Picture

Yeah, so I've decided to draw portraits of the six main goodguy characters of The Chosen--one of my stories. This is Maxwell. He's a cop. I didn't have a reference for a police uniform with me when I drew this, thus why the nondescript, lack of detailed shirt. The main part of The Chosen takes place on Geolyn--the world where 50% of my stories orginate. Though it's the only story that begins on earth. There are portals to and from. Acient portals...yes I know how vague. The portals also connect to a third world but I've yet to have a story where Exolia (the third) enteracts with either Earth or Geolyn. It's simply mentioned in their mythology. Though there are stories in my head about Exolia. But back to Max. He's a nervous sort. Hadn't been on the police force very long when he and his partner Laura were given the task of finding three missing teenagers (Sebastain, Blake, and Shawna--main trio yo). They're search ends up leading them to Canada and they get caught in the final battle of the first book between the trio along with Jasen (a Vaylerian who was guiding them) against a mysterious bunch of bad guys (detail on them is given in the second part). They're in battle mode/trying to open one of the acient overly vaugly described portals. Max gets sucked into Geolyn with the trio and Jasen.

His biggest quote "This was not part of the job description." And it's true, the police academy does not prepare you for fighting dragons or wizards or mysterious diseases or any of the 101 ways you can die on Geolyn. Anyway, I'll stop blabbing now.

Geolyn and The Chosen (c) me, myself, and I
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